Lepin Star Wars Review

Review XB-14006 The Fire Fighting- Compatible with LEGO MOC

✔Brand Name: XINGBAO

✔ Item No:14006

✔Compatible: LEGO MOC

✔Pieces: 1245

✔Ages: 12 years and above

Box photo

There is not a lot of content, but there are more than 1,200 bricks, which is really incredible…

Box back

There is no kit introduction, directly on the series to persuade the map.

There is a story background on the side of the box.

Instruction manual

The instructions are good and the steps are clear.

Assembly process

The parts are divided into 9 steps.

The patterns on the parts are all printed, praise!

Why is the fire plate used as a fire drill placed in this position?

The main body of the branch office was completed.

The last subcontract is a human being.

International practice, first look at people ~

I don’t comment… you can judge it by yourself…

Gadget car

Fire truck

Both the car side and the tailgate are top-loaded.

Fire station

Details section

The main entrance of the fire branch is actually a revolving door..The berth of the fire truck.

to sum up

It doesn’t feel like 1200 bricks at all.

The overall structure is solid, but in many places there is a suspicion of bricks, but it has little impact on the firmness. The quality of the parts is consistent with the feeling of Star Fortune, and it has not been found to be too tight.


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