Lepin Star Wars Review

Review XB-01021 The Toon Tea House – Compatible with LEGO 80102

✔Brand Name: XINGBAO

✔ Item No:01021

✔Compatible: LEGO MOC

✔Pieces: 2955

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo


Sandwiched in the instructions, the quality is great.

Parts package

There are 12 steps to subcontract.

There are 3 bags without a bag number, and there is a plate.
Assembly process

The second floor continues the characteristics of Chinatown.

They are assembled in an unstable state…

International practice, first look at people~

This set of people design Chinese tastes full!

Finished multi-faceted photo,This wall is not ideal for seeing the fit between the Star Fort parts.

Details section

a seemingly symmetrical structure,

In fact, the width of the left and right sides differs by one…

There are stalls selling fruit outside the tea house.

The roof structure is because of its appearance.

It is difficult to spell.

The floor is layered.

Easy to play.

There is a lot of space on the second floor that is useless.

The passage is thus narrowed.

to sum up

Continued the consistently attractive appearance of Chinatown.

Especially the second floor design I mentioned many times,

I believe that many friends will be powdered because of this?

However, the parts of Star Fortress are still bruised.

And the design of some places is not strong enough.

The assembly process is a little hard.

Fortunately, the final product is still very solid.









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