Review MOULDKING 16042 Pub & restaurant Modular’ISLET’

The overall architectural style of Yuxing’s streetscape is very modern. The exterior color of the building is black with a strong sense of fashion, which seems inconspicuous compared with the bright color of ordinary Lego streetscape. When I first got it, I was a little uninterested in looking at the gray packaging, but after I started to put it together, I was deeply attracted by its full design.

More than 3900 pieces of building blocks are subpackaged in 10 steps, and there is a supplementary package.


▲The manual is printed vertically, and the colorful plastic stickers for various patterns are brighter in color, but the size of the stickers is slightly larger than the bricks. Because it belongs to the “Light up your brick field” series, it is equipped with a light package. Scan the QR code of the network disk on the package to download the installation manual. The lighting was installed during the process, but in order to show the perfect assembly process, the editor did not install the lighting package during the assembly process.


▲ This set of street view floor is 32*32. Except for the frame, 3 grids are left on one side and paved with stone slabs. It can be seen from the bottom floor that the interior of the first floor is divided into four areas.

▲The gate and the foyer started to be assembled. The left hand of the entrance is a corner staircase that goes upstairs. In order to save space, the stairs are relatively steep. The railings of the stairs use a lot of scientific and technological parts and poles, which are all single-point links, and the structure is not very stable. If you want to align all the railings in parallel It takes a little patience. There is a small dog house under the stairs.

▲The walls are all conventional 1*N boards. The entire page of the manual is easy to read. The whole building is down, and I missed it several times.

▲In the space separated behind the stairs are independent decks, and the design of furniture, lamps and huge French windows is very modern.

▲ There is a sliding door behind the front desk, which can be moved by sliding. On the other side of the wall also with a transparent piece of chunk, so that the entire first floor of the light line is actually very transparent.

▲Looking at the effect of sliding door movement, in fact, the three door curtains can be moved individually.

▲The design of this awning is very clever, using gears and racks to drive, relying on gravity and the curve of the tail to tilt naturally.

▲A glance at the animated picture makes it clear.

▲The last part of the first floor, which is also the largest area, is an overall dining bar. The wall design is a bit industrial in style, and details such as exhaust fans and gas pipes are in place.

▲The last part of the first floor, which is also the largest area, is an overall dining bar. The wall design is a bit industrial in style, and details such as exhaust fans and gas pipes are in place.

▲ The color scheme of the bottom plate on the second floor is the same as that on the first floor. The black part in the middle will put a whole bar counter, and the crimson floor part is the balcony on the second floor.

▲The first part is the balcony. The structure of the chairs on the balcony is special, and there are more sets of chandeliers. The awning on the balcony is hinged and can be opened freely.

▲ The wall design in this place is also very clever. There are two layers inside and outside. The outer layer is fixed to the wall and the inner layer can slide.

▲The design of the main entrance on the second floor is also very novel, it is a glass door that folds up and down.

▲ The small house on the top of the building is relatively simple. A square battery box is designed inside, and a LOGO box for the short name of the IL bar is made on the outside facade.


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