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Review LEPIN 33001 Wild West Fort Legoredo competiable with LEGO 6769

Review LEPIN 33001 Wild West Fort Legoredo competiable with LEGO 6769


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Wild West Fort Legoredo
  • No.: 33001
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 742
  • Ages: 12+


Today brings a special set of special, from the ancient series more than 20 years ago, a flagship set in the west.

This set first appeared in 1996 and is numbered 6769. Then re-enacted in 2002, the number is 6762 (I don’t know why the number will be before the first edition…)


I am going to reclaim the things I had 20 years ago, and I saw from the box that this should be copied from the original…

At that time, the LEGO set box backs were made into the B model, even C, D, E and so on, which made the building kits reach the creative effect.

Because it was an old thing 20 years ago, there was no such thing as step-by-step subcontracting, and the parts were piled up.

It is worth mentioning that the pattern on the sticker is exactly the same as the original.

4 blocks of 16×32 backplane.

Special plates have also been opened, will this continue to re-enact the meaning of this series?

International practice, first look at people ~

There are a total of 10 people in this set, but the printing of the people in that year was quite simple, there was no back print, and there were many repetitions in the expression.

The hat on the left was replaced.

The next two people’s hats are also replaced.

In addition, the thing on the right hand should be a speaker, and the music version is changed to not know what it is.

The sign on the “Captain” hat was printed on the back…


These few should look like villains from expressions and clothes…

At that time, Lego had a lot of such demon expressions. Now it seems that it is very domestic?

In addition to the green clothes, the hats of the other three were replaced.


Legoredo is the name of this fortress and consists mainly of four parts.

Look at the main entrance first. The original pieces of grass are all missing…

The back structure is very simple.

Side part. There is only one wall…

On the other side there is a side door and a post.

There are gold coins hidden under the rockery.

Finally, the headquarters is like a small house.

On the side of the shelter there is a box of guns.

On the second floor there is a table where poker gambling is taking place.

There is a small organ here. Turning the table will open the chair down, and the person sitting on it will drop to the lower floor.

Parts that LEGO has abandoned for a long time are also completely re-enacted.

The way the door is locked is primitive.

The four parts are enclosed to form a fortress.

There are many flaws in the original design of this old thing. The biggest problem is that the manual is not clear. Each step does not clearly indicate which parts to use. When assembling, you must compare yourself with the previous ones. If you are used to the new version of the small partner, you may be a little uncomfortable.

Since this set is already a product 20 years ago, many of the parts have been eliminated. However, I can’t think of the nearly 100% of the pieces, and they are all engraved. For those of me who have experienced the parts of the year, the nostalgic feeling is full, very praise!

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