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Review LEPIN 21001 Hobby Trains – Compatible LEGO 10183


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Hobby Trains
  • No.: 21011
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1130
  • Ages: 16+

As usual, when opening the package, a series of small bags appeared, so it was helpful to arrange in advance. Before I started, I superficially compared the instructions from Lepin with the initial instructions. Since I noticed no deviation, I used Lepin instructions.

The structure is completely smooth. Most things are fine and fit and you’re done after about 1.5 hours.

However, Lepin has not only added the required stones for the locomotive, but just like Lego a larger number of other stones to build various other models can. But this is probably a small mistake, since the base plates for the locomotives / wagons are too small.

What I noticed was that Lepin apparently was undecided which magnets to attach. There are on the one hand finished magnets that match the current Lego version, but then there are also various items with it, which could build the older, rotatable variant together. I saved that and used the finished ones.

I can completely convince the overall result, in so far a clear buy recommendation. In order to improve the price-performance ratio, one should think of useful uses for the surplus stones.

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