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Review LEPIN 16030 – Hogwarts Castle | Compatible with LEGO 4842


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Hogwarts Castle
  • No.: 16030
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1340
  • Ages: 10+

After having the set at home since the beginning of September, here, as promised, my impressions of this set.

As is customary with Lepin 16030, this set, which follows the LEGO instructions, is divided into individual sections. The corresponding imprints on the bags are more or less easily recognizable. My son with sharp eyes helped me a lot

According to the target group (8+), there are proud ten pieces (!) Of the construction stages, and a section has been completed accordingly quickly. Thus, this set is ideal for building together with children or even to do a quick break in between a section.

Because of the many sections, I do not go into each one separately, but update the thread as it progresses.

Section 1-3:
Here are the Minifigures and the first tower built.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

The Dementors are well done, the cloaks a bit crumpled – maybe ironing?

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Harry has his invisibility cloak. No idea what LEGO looks like, this one is nice.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Dumbledore has gone pretty wrong – the beard does not fit …

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

The tower and the two connecting pieces are the results of the second and third construction phases. While the connecting parts are not very exciting and will probably be needed later, the tower is quite funny.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Here the back of the tower. He has three floors:

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

At the bottom is the disappearance cabinet. It connects to the set “Diagon Alley” (where, as my son has taught me, the building with the disappearance cabinet belongs to the Knockturn Alley) ago. A cool element so, well modeled on the books.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Further up there is a bookshelf with sliding doors. Lepin typical, the books are not right to (the case problem) and the discs are scratched and milky again. On the compressed pictures, you can not see it that good …

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

At the top, there’s a stargazer with a mouse

Phase 5 ends with the completion of the “residential tower”:

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle
Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

It includes the living quarters of Slytherin and Gryffindor, a ritter guarding a secret book and the dovecote.

My conclusion:
The set is awesome, no doubt. But that is certainly not the merit of Lepin 16030.
Still, I have to say that I’m impressed. I had no missing parts, all numbered bags fit perfectly with the instructions. This is neatly printed, any color errors are of course not so rude because you never have many parts lying around. The quality of the stones is excellent, I can, except for the absence of certain lettering, recognize no difference. The slants are roughened beautifully, all colors fit, only the books are in need of improvement. The figures are also except for Dumbledore’s beard, very fine. The glass stones are unfortunately slightly milky again.
I was also very impressed by the stickers – they have a good film thickness, are easy to stick and are printed clean.

100% recommendation!

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