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Review LEPIN 05146 Sandcrawler compatible with LEGO 75220


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Sandcrawler
  • No.: 05146
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1388
  • Ages: 12+


Box photo


Instruction manual

This set has no stickers.

Assembly process

There are a total of 9 steps to subcontract.

It seems to see strange things here…

International practice, first look at people ~


Both sides of the expression are winning, printed high

Medical Droid

God has replaced…

The best thing to laugh is to force the original printing to be printed.

RA-7 and R5-A2

Strange to have a mold of RA-7? I thought I would see the head of the C-3PO.


It has appeared many times.

Finished multi-faceted photo


The parts performed well!

The degree of occlusion of the joint member is also ok.

A small vehicle for delivering supplies is placed inside.


The 2 sides of the tail can be picked up.

The top and side panels are also detachable.

The active robotic arm, the parts are not loose at all!

The prints are concentrated here, and the quality is good.

Twist the tail This gear controls the steering of the wheel.

Compared with the volume of the UCS version.

It’s just a father and son…

to sum up

The performance of this piece of music is actually quite good, but unfortunately, the previous UCS version is really excellent, and the advantages of this set are completely covered.

However, the design of the sand barrier can kill a large number of brown parts, and killing meat is also a good choice.

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