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Review BELA 11141 Dragon Boat Festival – Compatible with LEGO 80102

✔Brand Name: BELA

✔ Item No:11141

✔Compatible: LEGO 80102

✔Pieces: 699

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

Instruction manual

The back is a series of persuasion maps.


sticker is still of similar quality.

But after using it, it feels OK.

Parts package

There are no steps to subcontract.

International practice, first look at people~

This is a total of 15 people,

It’s simply a new type of people’s bag.

The first is these five,

The styling is like randomly drawn from different sets of cities…

One of them was mismatched with a flesh-colored hand.

Next is the 2 teams of contestants.

Uniforms are a highlight.

Cooking dumplings scene

You can watch the dragon boat while eating .

There is also a podium for the trophy.

Use these parts to make a lifelike leader!Both team members are all there,

The dragon boat race is about to begin!

to sum up

A festival full of festive atmosphere!

The overall performance is really very good!

Those scenes built with “bamboo”,

Very similar to the style of the Phantom Ninja,

Especially with Ninja City and the pier,

Not at all!

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