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Review BELA 10875 Mining Heavy Driller – Compatible with LEGO 60186

✔Brand Name: BELA

✔ Item No:10875

✔Compatible: LEGO 60186

✔Pieces: 329

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

Instruction manual

The back is a series of persuasion maps.


Quality… is very good

Parts package

There are no steps to subcontract.

International practice, first look at people~

Printing can be, but the woman’s hat is not in place.

The middle table is also printed…

Some accessories

Small bulldozer.The original version of the bulldozer is like this!

Mines filled with ore! There is also a luminous spider.

Heavy mining drilling vehicle.

Details section

The drill bit is controlled by the rear of the car.

to sum up

A feeling of good, mainly the original design credit! However , the parts of  BELA are really good, the red and yellow are very accurate, and the ore pieces are all restored, and you can receive a wave.

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