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Review BELA 10869 City Series Big Car – Compatible with LEGO 60180

✔Brand Name: BELA

✔ Item No:10869

✔Compatible: LEGO 60180

✔Pieces: 215

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo


There is a parts list on the side of the box.

Instruction manual

If you look at it, you will be poisoned by a series of persuasive figures.


Everyone saw how much the cut was going on…

Parts package

No steps to subcontract.

International practice, first look at people~

The printing is not bad, it is a bit of a slap, and the parting line of the helmet is too obvious.


Jump platform

Finished multi-faceted photo

One sentence to the end, it is good-looking…


Although the quality of Bole’s parts is not very prominent, it is acceptable.

There is still a little color difference between the sticker and the brick.

Look at the performance of the suspension~Put a hard photo on the platform

to sum up

There is nothing to criticize on the design side, BELA can also be restored well, very good. Only a few parts have scratches, and the clarity of transparent red is poor.

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