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Review BELA 10662 Moana’s Island Adventure – Compatible with LEGO 41149

✔Brand Name: BELA

✔ Item No:10662

✔Compatible: LEGO 41149

✔Pieces: 205

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

Instruction manual 

The back is a series of persuasion maps. There are only 2 models of the original Ocean Romance, and Bole added other styles introduced in the same year to make a series of pictures.


The quality is average.

Parts package

There are no steps to subcontract.

International practice, first look at people~

It is very disappointing that the special hair has not been restored!

With ordinary hair to make Moana personality disappeared ……

Pig fat.It has been restored!

Grilled fish scene .

To be honest, the original design is too shabby… The sea water is not all transparent blue. It’s rare that Bole is so transparent.The sea water hides the heart of Tefati.

The heart of Tefiti” is still a print!Is this Moana’s home?The common ladder of the girl series.The specialty of Moturuni Island – fruit is everywhere.

to sum up

Most of the kits don’t seem to appear in the movie… This set is purely for humans. Even so, BELA’s reduction in the scene is quite high.

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