What is LEPIN? What to know about this LEGO Bootleg Brand?

what is LEPIN

As a brickset-lover, you have to be along with LEGO. However, you have to also admit that the price of LEGO is not affordable for everyone. And it is the reason why non-LEGO community was set up and have existed until now.

If it is the first time you have heard about that term. Welcome to non-LEGO world!!! In this community, one of the first brand you must know is LEPIN.

So what is LEPIN, exactly?

What is LEPIN?

                                  LEPIN logo 

LEPIN is a Lego Bootleg Brand, copying more than 99% the actual LEGO model, from design to box (only different in product code). As a fake LEGO brand, LEPIN still can satisfy the majority of customers from brickset market. It is highly rated by the non-LEGO community, as compared to the original LEGO with the impressive rate of 8/10 thanks to its high-quality bits, vibrant color and greatly replica model.

LEPIN is generated by a genuine Chinese manufacturer – Guangdong Loongon Animation & Culture Co., Ltd. Therefore, the origin of products is clear and standard-qualified.

Since appearing on the market, LEPIN has emerged as a bright star in the non-LEGO community. As you all know, LEGO is produced with highly quality and precision in production process. Therefore, copying large samples, such as over 1000 details, is very difficult. However, LEPIN was the first Bootleg Brand to do so successfully. Brick sets by LEPIN are reviewed well about both quality and price.
About quality of bricks, LEPIN’s products are of the top quality with ones made of ABS plastic. It is absolutely safe for children. Regarding to price, a LEPIN model has far more reasonable price, just about one-fifth as compared to a similar LEGO’s one. With the quality and price as mentioned, LEPIN deserve to be labelled as the “perfect alternative” to LEGO.

Today, LEPIN has copied from hundreds of sets to the largest collection of nearly 6,000 pieces. In particular, LEPIN is the only company that copies all LEGO-engineered, battery-powered and remote-controlled TECHNICs.

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Some models which belong to LEPIN Star Wars Collection:







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