LEPIN Star Wars – The Collection

lepin star wars collection

LEPIN Star Wars – The Collection

What is LEPIN Star Wars?

You may wonder what is LEPIN Star Wars, right? LEPIN Star Wars is a LEPIN product line that go along with Star Wars saga theme. It is reasonable for this to become the best-seller of LEPIN Brick Sets of all time. And of these, LEPIN Millennium Falcon and LEPIN Death Star is the hottest ones. Don’t forget to check it out!

For who do not know, Star Wars is a American epic space opera media franchise, based on a film series made by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of figures”a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”.  – Find out more in Star Wars Wikipedia 

LEPIN Star wars

LEPIN Star wars

First, to Star Wars series fan, LEPIN Star Wars Brick Sets help them to build their imaginative galaxy. You can really see your Star Wars dream relive from these amazing brickset with Millenium Falcon, Death Star and various kind of Starfighters. Characters as Han Solo, Chewbacca, or Finn are also attached with particular set to depict the most honestly.

LEPIN Republic Cruiser Venator Class Destroy 05077

Republic Cruiser Venator Class Destroy 05077


LEPIN Slave 1 05037 - Lepin Star Wars Sets

Slave 1 05037 

Secondly, to non-Star Wars series fan, LEPIN Star Wars Sets are still worthwhile products. Reason for this is their fancy scale model with UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) ones. Even normal models, that not included in UCS, all have high-quality bits and fabulous design. They ensurely gonna satisfy your interest for bricksets.

LEPIN Super Star Destroyer - LEPIN 05028

Super Star Destroyer 05028


LEPIN Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 05034 - Lepin Star Wars Sets

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 05034

Check LEPIN Star Wars Sets List here!

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