[Announcement] LEPIN temporary stop production from May 2019

Dear all customers,

We (LEPIN Factory) regret to announce that all LEPIN Blocks Set will temporary stop production from 01st May 2019.

This notice is effective immediately upon request from the Chinese Government and Shanghai Police.

All remaining LEPIN sets will sold as usual sell but will not be re-stock in future.

We thank you for your love of LEPIN during the past time. We will notice you ASAP when LEPIN is back to selling.

These Brands will continue selling as usual:

Review LEPIN 36004 Christmas Snowglobe – Compatible LEGO 40223


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Christmas Snowglobe
  • No.: 36004
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts:241
  • Ages: 12+

I’ve been wanting to play with the block for a long time, but I just opened up the Santa Snow Globe, which I bought to make it simple today .

6 bags.

What about the improved lid?

What happened?

I thought it was definitely improved.

I ‘ve only been able to see it.

I thought I could make it immediately when I saw it .

Once more

Leave and bye …

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Review LEPIN 05146 Sandcrawler compatible with LEGO 75220


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Sandcrawler
  • No.: 05146
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1388
  • Ages: 12+


Box photo


Instruction manual

This set has no stickers.

Assembly process

There are a total of 9 steps to subcontract.

It seems to see strange things here…

International practice, first look at people ~


Both sides of the expression are winning, printed high

Medical Droid

God has replaced…

The best thing to laugh is to force the original printing to be printed.

RA-7 and R5-A2

Strange to have a mold of RA-7? I thought I would see the head of the C-3PO.


It has appeared many times.

Finished multi-faceted photo


The parts performed well!

The degree of occlusion of the joint member is also ok.

A small vehicle for delivering supplies is placed inside.


The 2 sides of the tail can be picked up.

The top and side panels are also detachable.

The active robotic arm, the parts are not loose at all!

The prints are concentrated here, and the quality is good.

Twist the tail This gear controls the steering of the wheel.

Compared with the volume of the UCS version.

It’s just a father and son…

to sum up

The performance of this piece of music is actually quite good, but unfortunately, the previous UCS version is really excellent, and the advantages of this set are completely covered.

However, the design of the sand barrier can kill a large number of brown parts, and killing meat is also a good choice.

Review LEPIN 33001 Wild West Fort Legoredo competiable with LEGO 6769

Review LEPIN 33001 Wild West Fort Legoredo competiable with LEGO 6769


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Wild West Fort Legoredo
  • No.: 33001
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 742
  • Ages: 12+


Today brings a special set of special, from the ancient series more than 20 years ago, a flagship set in the west.

This set first appeared in 1996 and is numbered 6769. Then re-enacted in 2002, the number is 6762 (I don’t know why the number will be before the first edition…)


I am going to reclaim the things I had 20 years ago, and I saw from the box that this should be copied from the original…

At that time, the LEGO set box backs were made into the B model, even C, D, E and so on, which made the building kits reach the creative effect.

Because it was an old thing 20 years ago, there was no such thing as step-by-step subcontracting, and the parts were piled up.

It is worth mentioning that the pattern on the sticker is exactly the same as the original.

4 blocks of 16×32 backplane.

Special plates have also been opened, will this continue to re-enact the meaning of this series?

International practice, first look at people ~

There are a total of 10 people in this set, but the printing of the people in that year was quite simple, there was no back print, and there were many repetitions in the expression.

The hat on the left was replaced.

The next two people’s hats are also replaced.

In addition, the thing on the right hand should be a speaker, and the music version is changed to not know what it is.

The sign on the “Captain” hat was printed on the back…


These few should look like villains from expressions and clothes…

At that time, Lego had a lot of such demon expressions. Now it seems that it is very domestic?

In addition to the green clothes, the hats of the other three were replaced.


Legoredo is the name of this fortress and consists mainly of four parts.

Look at the main entrance first. The original pieces of grass are all missing…

The back structure is very simple.

Side part. There is only one wall…

On the other side there is a side door and a post.

There are gold coins hidden under the rockery.

Finally, the headquarters is like a small house.

On the side of the shelter there is a box of guns.

On the second floor there is a table where poker gambling is taking place.

There is a small organ here. Turning the table will open the chair down, and the person sitting on it will drop to the lower floor.

Parts that LEGO has abandoned for a long time are also completely re-enacted.

The way the door is locked is primitive.

The four parts are enclosed to form a fortress.

There are many flaws in the original design of this old thing. The biggest problem is that the manual is not clear. Each step does not clearly indicate which parts to use. When assembling, you must compare yourself with the previous ones. If you are used to the new version of the small partner, you may be a little uncomfortable.

Since this set is already a product 20 years ago, many of the parts have been eliminated. However, I can’t think of the nearly 100% of the pieces, and they are all engraved. For those of me who have experienced the parts of the year, the nostalgic feeling is full, very praise!

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Review LEPIN 15007 Market Street – Compatible LEGO 10190


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Market Street
  • No.: 15007
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1275
  • Ages: 10+


It’s not modular, but it’s like a modular with a modular top Handrail? Partly somewhat flawed,but there are also a number of solutions to proceed!
Unlike the previous modular, it can be divided in half .Left finished!
Unlike the previous modular, it seems to be made in a short period of time.
Street The second review starts! It’s the right part.











The second review starts at Reptile Market Street!
It’s the right part.I am going to make all improvements and proceed.

Now I have only the top left.
Cover only the lid!
I have not missed yet!

It’s quicker than modular too.
This time too
Missing could not be avoided.
I do not have a 1×1 dark gray plate.

It’s too late in the second review
Completely finished
The intermediate course is.You can see that there is almost no interior.
There are stairs.
It is so beautiful to finish it!
Even with modular
It’s okay enough
But there are not enough places still!
It’s good.



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lepin star wars sets list

LEPIN Star Wars Sets List

LEPIN Star Wars Sets List

A useful LEPIN Star Wars Sets list for those looking for a specific set code. So choose one and create your own Star Wars galaxy now!

As you know, Star Wars Sets are one of the best-selling product line of LEPIN Bricks Set. Reason not only comes from the fame of itself series but also from its high quality and variety of fancy design. LEPIN Star Wars also own other name as LEPIN Star Plan or LEPIN Star Wnrs. Take notice, guys.

Set Description Pieces Lego Set
05001 Rey’s Speeder 206 75099
05002 First Order Snowspeeder 466 75100
05003 First Order Transporter 845 75103
05004 Poe’s X-wing 748 75102
05005 First Order TIE Fighter 562 75101
05006 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle 1053 75104
05007 Millenium Falcon 1381 75105
05008 Sith Infiltrator 698 75096
05009 Battle on Takodana 438 75139
05010 Resistance Troop Transporter 678 75140
05011 – 05016 Microfighters Sets 75028 – 75033
05017 Resistance Troop Battle Pack 136 75131
05018 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack 115 75133
05019 Galactic Empire Battle Pack 134 75134
05020 Obi Wan’s Jedi Interceptor 222 75135
05021 Droid Escape Pod 219 75136
05022 Carbonite Freezing Chamber 253 75137
05023 Hoth Attack 257 75138
05024 Kanan’s Speeder Bike 251 75141
05025 Homing Spider Droid 320 75016
05026 Death Star 3449 10188
05027 Imperial Star Destroyer 3250 75055
05028 Super Star Destroyer 3028 10221
05029 Resistance X-wing Fighter 740 75149
05030 Vader’s TIE Fighter Vs. A-Wing 722 75150
05031 Clone Turbo Tank 933 75151
05032 Captain Rex’s AT-TE 1022 75157
05033 UCS Millenium Falcon 5265 10179
05035 Death Star II 3803 10143
05038 Sandcrawler 3346 75059
05047 Ewok Village 1990 10236


lepin death star 2018

LEPIN Star Wars – Death Star

LEPIN Death Star – LEPIN Star Wars Sets

About Death Star

The Death Star was the Empire’s ultimate weapon in Star Wars series, that is moon-sized space channel with the capacity to destroy an whole planet. However, the Emperor and Imperial officials such as Grand Moff Tarkin underestimated the tenacity of the Rebel Alliance, who refused to bow to the technological terror…

Death Star appeared three times at Star Wars the series:

  • Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith,
  • Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope,
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Death Star explosions featured at the special version of A New Hope and at Return of the Jedi are left with a Praxis impact, wherein a horizontal ring of thing erupts in the explosion.

The grid program animations shown through the scripted briefing for the assault on the Death Star overdue at New Hope were a real computer graphics simulation in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory produced by Larry Cuba and Gary Imhoff within a CalArts endeavor, also was contained through filming.

The information is referred from Star Wars Data

LEPIN Star Wars Death Star – Death Star Sets

The heat from Ultimate Imperial weapon—Death Star is still there from Star Wars series til LEPIN Star Wars Collection. These models own huge attraction to not only Star Wars fans but also non-fan. Therefore, together with LEPIN Millennium Falcon, Death Star Sets are also best-sellers of LEPIN Star Wars of all time.

Some models of LEPIN Death Star Sets in lepinstarwarsusa.com:

LEPIN Death Star 2017 05063 - Lepin Star Wars Sets


LEPIN Death Star II 05026 - Lepin Star Wars Sets


Death Star - UCS (Old Version) 05035

Death Star – UCS (Old Version) 05035

lepin star wars sets

LEPIN Star Wars – Millennium Falcon

LEPIN Millennium Falcon – LEPIN Star Wars Sets

About Millenium Falcon

The altered YT-1300 Corellian mild freighter is mainly controlled by Corellian smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee first mate, Chewbacca. Produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC), it can be considered as the second-fastest vessel at Star Wars canon.

The Millennium Falcon first looks in Star Wars (1977). Afterwards is at The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Then is Return of the Jedi (1983), The Force Awakens (2015), ” The Last Jedi (2017), along with Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018). The boat also makes a brief cameo appearance in Revenge of the Sith (2005), because it means the Senate Construction on Coruscant. Moreover, the Falcon looks in an assortment of Star Wars expanded universe substances, such as books, comics, and games; James Luceno’s book Millennium Falcon concentrates on the titular ship. [1] Additionally, it appears at the 2014 animated movie The Lego Movie at Lego form, together with Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels reprising the roles of Lando Calrissian and C-3PO, and with Keith Ferguson expressing Han Solo.

The information is based on Wikipedia – Millennium Falcon

LEPIN Star Wars Millennium Falcon – Millennium Falcon Sets

Being one of the most famous starship in Star Wars series, LEPIN Millennium Falcon sets easily become best-selling LEPIN Star Wars Set of Star Wars Collection. Including both normal and Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) version, LEPIN Millennium Falcon sets gonna be an amazing factor of your Star Wars galaxy.

Some models of LEPIN Millennium Falcon Sets in lepinstarwarsusa.com:

LEPIN Millennium Falcon 05007 - Lepin Star Wars Sets

Millennium Falcon 05007

LEPIN Millennium Falcon 05133 - Lepin Star Wars

Millennium Falcon 05133

LEPIN Kessel Run Millennium Falcon 05142

Kessel Run Millennium Falcon 05142

lepin-millenium-falcon 05132

Millennium Falcon 05132

lepin star wars collection

LEPIN Star Wars – The Collection

LEPIN Star Wars – The Collection

What is LEPIN Star Wars?

You may wonder what is LEPIN Star Wars, right? LEPIN Star Wars is a LEPIN product line that go along with Star Wars saga theme. It is reasonable for this to become the best-seller of LEPIN Brick Sets of all time. And of these, LEPIN Millennium Falcon and LEPIN Death Star is the hottest ones. Don’t forget to check it out!

For who do not know, Star Wars is a American epic space opera media franchise, based on a film series made by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of figures”a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”.  – Find out more in Star Wars Wikipedia 

LEPIN Star wars

LEPIN Star wars

First, to Star Wars series fan, LEPIN Star Wars Brick Sets help them to build their imaginative galaxy. You can really see your Star Wars dream relive from these amazing brickset with Millenium Falcon, Death Star and various kind of Starfighters. Characters as Han Solo, Chewbacca, or Finn are also attached with particular set to depict the most honestly.

LEPIN Republic Cruiser Venator Class Destroy 05077

Republic Cruiser Venator Class Destroy 05077


LEPIN Slave 1 05037 - Lepin Star Wars Sets

Slave 1 05037 

Secondly, to non-Star Wars series fan, LEPIN Star Wars Sets are still worthwhile products. Reason for this is their fancy scale model with UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) ones. Even normal models, that not included in UCS, all have high-quality bits and fabulous design. They ensurely gonna satisfy your interest for bricksets.

LEPIN Super Star Destroyer - LEPIN 05028

Super Star Destroyer 05028


LEPIN Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 05034 - Lepin Star Wars Sets

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 05034

Check LEPIN Star Wars Sets List here!

what is LEPIN

What is LEPIN? What to know about this LEGO Bootleg Brand?

As a brickset-lover, you have to be along with LEGO. However, you have to also admit that the price of LEGO is not affordable for everyone. And it is the reason why non-LEGO community was set up and have existed until now.

If it is the first time you have heard about that term. Welcome to non-LEGO world!!! In this community, one of the first brand you must know is LEPIN.

So what is LEPIN, exactly?

What is LEPIN?

                                  LEPIN logo 

LEPIN is a Lego Bootleg Brand, copying more than 99% the actual LEGO model, from design to box (only different in product code). As a fake LEGO brand, LEPIN still can satisfy the majority of customers from brickset market. It is highly rated by the non-LEGO community, as compared to the original LEGO with the impressive rate of 8/10 thanks to its high-quality bits, vibrant color and greatly replica model.

LEPIN is generated by a genuine Chinese manufacturer – Guangdong Loongon Animation & Culture Co., Ltd. Therefore, the origin of products is clear and standard-qualified.

Since appearing on the market, LEPIN has emerged as a bright star in the non-LEGO community. As you all know, LEGO is produced with highly quality and precision in production process. Therefore, copying large samples, such as over 1000 details, is very difficult. However, LEPIN was the first Bootleg Brand to do so successfully. Brick sets by LEPIN are reviewed well about both quality and price.
About quality of bricks, LEPIN’s products are of the top quality with ones made of ABS plastic. It is absolutely safe for children. Regarding to price, a LEPIN model has far more reasonable price, just about one-fifth as compared to a similar LEGO’s one. With the quality and price as mentioned, LEPIN deserve to be labelled as the “perfect alternative” to LEGO.

Today, LEPIN has copied from hundreds of sets to the largest collection of nearly 6,000 pieces. In particular, LEPIN is the only company that copies all LEGO-engineered, battery-powered and remote-controlled TECHNICs.

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Some models which belong to LEPIN Star Wars Collection: