[Announcement] LEPIN temporary stop production from May 2019

Dear all customers,

We (LEPIN Factory) regret to announce that all LEPIN Blocks Set will temporary stop production from 01st May 2019.

This notice is effective immediately upon request from the Chinese Government and Shanghai Police.

All remaining LEPIN sets will sold as usual sell but will not be re-stock in future.

We thank you for your love of LEPIN during the past time. We will notice you ASAP when LEPIN is back to selling.

These Brands will continue selling as usual:

Review LEPIN 06022 Temple of Airjitzu – Compatible with LEGO 70751 (Retired)


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Temple of Airjitzu
  • No.: 0022
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 2150
  • Ages: 10+

To set up a real temple.

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

So and here the built Temple:
We have not applied any stickers, but nevertheless, they were in good quality with it.

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

Temple – Partial Views

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

Side House – Shop:

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

Side house – smithy

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu
Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

Changes to Lego:

1. Fish and Brothel: Basin without faucet in the original available but not possible due to other stones in the Lepinset (sink = inverted hat Lego and base is a whispering bag

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

2. The swords to which the two doorplates are attached are at Lepin, Loki’s staff. On the cover, the sword is shown but in the manual Loki Stab is used several times.

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

3. The beard of the statue is different. He is more structured on the cover. In the set, it is a very simple one.

Review LEPIN 06022 - Temple of Airjitzu

4. Blue House – forge, lamp incl. Holder replaced by another system with a golden head.
(Lego p. 90, Lepin p. 28)


1. I do not like the doorway of the blue house. It sits too far inside and also opens inside. If the whole upper frame is raised by one row, you can open the door forward.

2. What I do not like with Lego and Lepin is that the two side houses above have no middle end, a 1×6 smooth tile black and everything looks good.

3. Likewise, it does not reveal to me why the bridge is not firmly connected with 2×4 flat stones with the two existing parts.

4. The forge above is completely empty. I think it’s a pity.

What was missing with me:

1: a bottom of the “pirate” chest from the shop.
2nd left the dark gray hand of the statue. For various other colors over.

-> If someone has twice inside with him, he knows where she belongs.

Conclusion: very nice set, good quality of the figures and “Hammer Price”.

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Review LEPIN 31001 Scorpion Pyramid- Compatible with LEGO 7327


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Scorpion Pyramid
  • No.: 31001
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 822
  • Ages: 10+

I had the set in my shopping spree at 11.11. ordered and had yesterday finally made the long and arduous journey to me. It was probably because of the 3D plate in a neutral, white box.
This set of plays is, therefore, something special for me since I had almost all sets from the 1998 series “Egypt” of the adventure theme in my childhood. The highlight of my collection at the time was the Sphinx, only the Temple of Anubis and a few smaller sets were missing. At that time I would have liked a pyramid, but unfortunately, the Danes did not design it. Nevertheless, I like to remember the many hours in which I listened to the accompanying radio play with my friends and followed the events with the characters.
In 2010, Lego apparently answered my request and reissued the topic, this time with a corresponding pyramid. While rival research teams had to survive in 1998, the protagonists in the new series “Pharaoh’s Quest” have to fight against cursed mummies and giant animals.

During the construction, I did not take any pictures, because it was quite easy to do – the construction manual is large and clear, the structure itself for each terminal block to accomplish and exceptionally missing some parts (but two parts had the wrong color). The quality I think is very good, but I can not make a direct comparison to Lego, because I only have the Lepin version.

Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid

Here is a beautiful pyramid with some game features that work well, a giant scorpion, seven figures and a vehicle offered.

Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid

The game features include a mechanical door, a fold-up staircase, a trap door with falling stones, and a lever-arched wall with a sarcophagus display.

Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid

I do not want to say much about the characters. They are very close in design to those of 1998. However, the Anubis guards and the winged mummy are really well done. Also included were two red snakes, a green snake, three black scorpions and a few “Lepin coins” (very far from the original).

Also, my previous experiences (based on Star Wars) like “Lepin can stone, but not figures” I have to rethink this set again because the characters have become really good. A single Anubis guard I had previously bought at another dealer, the comparison can be seen in the following picture:

Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid

The golden print looks much nicer with the figure and also the legs are printed.

The Halbkettenfahrzeug looks in my opinion very chic.

Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid
Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid

The wheels look better with the Lepin variant, as spokes can be seen here. There are no spokes on the Lego version (only photos available). The rubber of the chains is soft, only the shape does not quite fit.

Review LEPIN 31001 - Scorpion Pyramid

Personally, I would not have needed the scorpion now. The scissors are made quite well, but I find the legs poorly implemented.

Conclusion: If I draw a comparison to the initially mentioned sphinx, then you can quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of this kit:
+ The figures look good and are also numerically represented.
+ Of course, the color scheme is mostly tan, but there are some dark blue and gold accents, and tan is also lighter and darker. That provides a variety.
– Sticker! In 1998 it was still bothering to print all hieroglyphs on the stones. There were very few stickers back then. But with this set, you really have to stick everything on.
– The 3D-plate has become good, but uniform in one color. To make it look a little like Egypt, you have five stickers stuck on it. That looked much nicer in 1998, but it’s also an opportunity for people who want to use the record for a different model.

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Review LEPIN 15015 Rivendell Museum of Natural History (MOC)


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Rivendell Museum of Natural History
  • No.: 15015
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 5003
  • Ages: 10+
Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)

The first impression: the model is huge. This is due to the size of the plate (48×48) as well as the architecture of the building. Interestingly, the model is not even much higher than the Haunted House …
You can not say that the building is particularly pretty, but tastes are known to be different.

The entrance area is quite interesting designed, even if the design reminds me more of the entrance of a ghost train, as the inviting entrance to a museum.

Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)

The base plate also bends in the entrance area quite a bit – a circumstance that seems to be the same with the original model, if you look at the pictures on Flickr.

The strength of the model is more in the interior – for me, the main reason for buying:

Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)
Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)
Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)
Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)

The structure:
At first, of course, you are overwhelmed by the number of parts. Here only clever sorting helps. The instructions make a high-quality impression and are bound. Dark hunches, however, arise as soon as one notices that there is a smaller manual that should correct errors …
To anticipate: not all bugs are fixed by far …

The manual itself also indicates that the classic LEGO troubleshooting and quality assurance process is missing. You always stumble over mistakes that would not happen at LEGO like this:

Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)
Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)

Another problem is the lack of color fidelity of the instructions: in many steps is not clear which stones are to be used in which colors. This means that you have to leaf back and forth again and again and to estimate based on the existing parts, which parts are to be used. In the absence of a LEGO model, it is difficult to estimate this from images on the Internet. This takes a lot of time and has often led me to dismantle parts of the model because I had installed the wrong color and used the stones elsewhere.
The stairs would probably build differently in LEGO, this process is very tedious and nerve-wracking.

It also happens that construction steps are completely missing or wrong parts are shown, these parts are then unfortunately also from the end …

The finished model:
Lepin has made an effort, 1: 1 was not implemented the idea of the creator. You can see that pretty much if you compare the images of the creator with the model. Unfortunately, mistakes in the manual also lead to many parts left, if one adheres to the original (or the manual …), here only reordering will help.

The quality of the minifigures varies between “very neat” and “ugly”, especially some visitors have achieved little:

Review LEPIN 15015 - Rivendell Museum of Natural History (rerabens)

The clamping force of the stones is through the bank in order, there were problems only with the Triceratops, whose legs just fall off – because only super glue for the technology pin helps.

The construction requires a lot of patience. The quality of the stones is neat, unfortunately, errors in the instructions and misinterpretations on the part of Lepin lead to some shortcomings. Without reordering you will not get the set completely built. How much the re-order will cost, I first have to find out, I expect € 10.- to 20.-
The inner life is really successful, from the outside, the model can convince me less.

Exciting was the structure anyway.

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Review LEPIN 06057 – Final Fight Destiny’s Bounty | Compatible with LEGO 70618


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Final Fight Destiny’s Bounty
  • No.: 06057
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 2455
  • Ages: 10+

Despite (generally) lack of space, this model has sneaked onto my list to supplement my ship collection.

The construction is going a bit slow because every day I take only 1-2 phases with my son in the attack. Definitely one of the top models who are totally fun and in their love of detail, a majority of the other in the shade. In that case, in my view, they have surpassed all other ships and even the Sea Cow, especially the scorpionfish at the bow are great, despite bananas as eyebrows

Review LEPIN 06057 - Final Fight Destiny's Bounty

When attaching the garage doors or the roof, they seem to have made nonsense, at least the curvature of the enclosed skeletal arms is too low, which is why I once took the sleeves of the blue technology parts to be able to take decent pictures.

Review LEPIN 06057 - Final Fight Destiny's Bounty

The fabric part on the monk does not fit exactly and as far as I’ve seen, they have deviated only three times from the original plan, in one case, the suspension is a bit stupid, but well.


Part of the construction phases:


The final result:

Review LEPIN 06057 - Final Fight Destiny's Bounty

All in all, a great model, where even the surcharge to the original would be worthwhile.

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Review LEPIN 05038 – StarWars Sandcrawler | Compatible with LEGO 75059


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: StarWars Sandcrawler
  • No.: 05038
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 3349
  • Ages: 10+

Since I’ve already read by some who have ordered the LEPIN 05038 – StarWars Sandcrawler but have not yet found a review, I’ll give my mustard time. Maybe one or the other is considering and I can influence him a little with this; the crazy part belongs to a man in/on every shelf!
Sure, some here will call him in the original her own, but I want to omit here only on the LepinVariante.Mir is well aware that you probably still get it in the original, but I’m not ready to pay its price and wants to none “Buy Lego if still available” start discussion. Everyone buys what he wants!
Found the thing always rough and brute designed and by Lepin I had to have him now.

I’ve ordered a member here in the forum, which has contacts to the Far East. Folded easily!
Quality of the stones: As usual … clamping force is ok, not like the Danes, but everything holds.
Quality of the sticker: all right. Find them better in this set than eg the Orthanc.
Quality of the Figs: Great. Unfortunately, I could not complete the little white droid, because not like the original “small pistols” to attach the white arms enclosed. It’s just the well-known knife-pistol grenade frame and these pistols can not pinch in place because too thick. But I personally think that’s not bad at all.
Quality of the instructions: Everything OK.
Missing parts: A frame part in the front of the flap and the “pistols” parts, otherwise nothing was missing and a little odds and ends remained.

Construction: Just have fun! Inside, a lot of technology is installed, which is then usable/playable. The outer plates are also fun, especially because of the unusual design of the vehicle. Personally, the best I liked the butt; the greeting there is just fancy! The chains are running, control is working well and the plates are holding up well. Only the side parts at the front, which you can fold up, just do not stay on top but sink off quickly. That will probably be different from the original, I think.
Conclusion: great. To buy. Class. Sand people should have the thing in the sights.
It really makes a difference in size, is super playable (only comes the Ewok village) and is really fun to build.

Let pictures speak:


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Review LEPIN 16030 – Hogwarts Castle | Compatible with LEGO 4842


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Hogwarts Castle
  • No.: 16030
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1340
  • Ages: 10+

After having the set at home since the beginning of September, here, as promised, my impressions of this set.

As is customary with Lepin 16030, this set, which follows the LEGO instructions, is divided into individual sections. The corresponding imprints on the bags are more or less easily recognizable. My son with sharp eyes helped me a lot

According to the target group (8+), there are proud ten pieces (!) Of the construction stages, and a section has been completed accordingly quickly. Thus, this set is ideal for building together with children or even to do a quick break in between a section.

Because of the many sections, I do not go into each one separately, but update the thread as it progresses.

Section 1-3:
Here are the Minifigures and the first tower built.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

The Dementors are well done, the cloaks a bit crumpled – maybe ironing?

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Harry has his invisibility cloak. No idea what LEGO looks like, this one is nice.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Dumbledore has gone pretty wrong – the beard does not fit …

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

The tower and the two connecting pieces are the results of the second and third construction phases. While the connecting parts are not very exciting and will probably be needed later, the tower is quite funny.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Here the back of the tower. He has three floors:

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

At the bottom is the disappearance cabinet. It connects to the set “Diagon Alley” (where, as my son has taught me, the building with the disappearance cabinet belongs to the Knockturn Alley) ago. A cool element so, well modeled on the books.

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

Further up there is a bookshelf with sliding doors. Lepin typical, the books are not right to (the case problem) and the discs are scratched and milky again. On the compressed pictures, you can not see it that good …

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

At the top, there’s a stargazer with a mouse

Phase 5 ends with the completion of the “residential tower”:

Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle
Review LEPIN 16030 - Hogwarts Castle

It includes the living quarters of Slytherin and Gryffindor, a ritter guarding a secret book and the dovecote.

My conclusion:
The set is awesome, no doubt. But that is certainly not the merit of Lepin 16030.
Still, I have to say that I’m impressed. I had no missing parts, all numbered bags fit perfectly with the instructions. This is neatly printed, any color errors are of course not so rude because you never have many parts lying around. The quality of the stones is excellent, I can, except for the absence of certain lettering, recognize no difference. The slants are roughened beautifully, all colors fit, only the books are in need of improvement. The figures are also except for Dumbledore’s beard, very fine. The glass stones are unfortunately slightly milky again.
I was also very impressed by the stickers – they have a good film thickness, are easy to stick and are printed clean.

100% recommendation!

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Review LEPIN 16002 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow – Compatible with LEGO 70810


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: MetalBeard’s Sea Cow
  • No.: 16002
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 2791
  • Ages: 10+

After finishing LEPIN 16009 Ann Queen’s Revenge I started with the new conquest. This time is LEPIN 16002 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow, I will complete the collection of all ships in the Caribbean pirate movie. I think there will be other omissions, and I’ll focus on making them first.

As I see many people still complain, I also lack a lot of pieces. I’ll start watching the finished shot first


I think it too pretty. If it was not really missing, it would have given me a good score. Ahead of the omission. First, I’ll review the details. Missing is my heart aches

I do not know because I have not seen Lego movies. Just form? I’ll review it. First, Minifigures is not much like a pirate :))


Is that a unicorn?


It’s a pirate uncle. He has a knife and a hat. It is cute.


Unidentified submarine? I want to put a net inside. But I just did not.


I have not really figured out what this is, maybe an ancient submarine.


I can open it from another direction



Unidentified chair? I’m concentrating on discovering it from the outside. There is a first missing here. Sky blue tiles. I do not have many places to sell this.


Give me four Minifigures. I do not know Minifigures quality, but Minifigures is always pretty


Next is the main character MetalBeard’s Sea Cow!





MetalBeard’s Sea Cow can open the middle sail


There’s a bag of sails open. There are six other than black pals. All will be fired


I took an inside picture. It does not look good. The details of the details are hidden in various places.



I finished the review with this. Now I will go to the missing. Little technique? There was also a part missing. This was good luck. I think you have put the following parts in reverse. I’m sad …


Everyone has once against. There are only two blacks.


And the most difficult door …I found this door. I think it’s probably broken.


Missing is a big fairy too. If you miss a few, I think it’s about 6 Minifigures. I can see it after the finish. In the future, I still want to buy the bulk but I do not know the omission. But it is true that LEPIN 16002 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow was made well. The sails are strong. It would be nice to try it out once.

Another good news, after receiving my feedback on missing pieces, the vendor responded and passed the missing pieces to me. Really very happy. I am waiting for it every day despite knowing the waiting time will be quite long

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Review LEPIN 05148 Snoke’s Throne Room – Compatible LEGO 75216


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name:  Snoke’s Throne Room 
  • No.: 05148
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 492
  • Ages: 10+
Box photo


Instruction manual


There is not much problem except for a bit of darkness.

Parts package

Step subcontracting

Assembly process

Suddenly found something strange…

International practice, first look at people~

The male and female owners performed very well.

Both sides of the expression have been restored.

Snoke is a partial print.

The printing on the back of the head is also not saved.


In front…

High energy warning!

What about 2 Elite Praetorian Guards?

What is this helmet and shoulder armor?

Is this Transformers invaded into the Star Wars world?

With the Lego 75225,

The style is clear…

Finished multi-faceted photo

Details section

The “elevator” activity section is very smooth.

A small organ in the center of the scene is also perfectly restored.

The “throne” can be rotated.

Can also be taken out.

As a scene set,

Of course, you have to use it for a shot!

to sum up

Le spell again used God’s replacement to “adorn” this relatively ordinary set,

Friends who like to collect such strange people can’t really miss it.

There is no feeling that the parts are too loose or too tight.

It is also possible to kill meat when the selling point is not high

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter – Compatible with LEGO 10227 (Retired 2012)


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: UCS B-Wing Fighter
  • No.: 05045
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1487
  • Ages: 10+

Delivery / Packing:
Everything was delivered well packed in a relatively small package. As with Lego, all parts were divided into tens of small plastic bags, except for the two columns/masts.

I got along great with the instructions. The images are a bit denser than Lego and the graphics are missing for the scale of axis lengths, but it was not a problem. Colors were also perfect to identify, only red looked more orange.
Although there are numbered sections, the numbers do not match the bags, or the bags are not numbered. I could not recognize any system in the bags, be it by color, size of component type or construction phase.

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter

Lepin Bricks vs. Lego Bricks:
Since this is my first set of Lepin, I want to replace my Lego parts in the old gray color scheme and also want to mix Lego with Lepin,
The passport and color quality was especially important to me.

Concerning. I did not notice any differences in color, especially in light and dark bluish gray.
Dimensions, gaps, and accuracy of fit are also 99% identical. Plates and stones are tight, as are engineering pins.
Only with the technology axles, it fluctuated – depending on the size – between very firm and somewhat too loose.
The stability is great, as well as scratch resistance. Only if one builds offset plates, these are minimally inclined to bend.

Lego Reviews was also able to read that partially clear clearances are present in the mirrored composite halves, especially well above and below the front of the engine. Seems to be design-related here.

The surface quality was on the whole very good. Some parts were not quite as shiny, with larger plates was here and sometimes a scratch, but not deep. Here and there you could see impressions of the injection molds.

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter

The two upper plates are Lego, the two lower Lepin:

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter

In 3 parts there were probably mistakes in the injection:

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter

Everything like Lego, no problems and no mistakes in the manual. In the end, many pleasant parts remained.
The missing parts were those with the manufacturing defect.

Finished model / Conclusion:
That the models / Bricks of Lepin knows God cannot be bad, I have indeed taken the forum here. But that they are so good and almost perfect on the original I would not have thought. There is not much to say about the B-Wing Fighter itself. Except for the bruised cockpit, he is for me one of the most beautiful UCS Star Wars models.

Here again in full size:

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter

and detail shots with the focus on fit and surfaces:

Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045 UCS B-Wing Fighter
Review LEPIN 05045

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