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REVIEW LEPIN 20083 Forest Harvester – Compatible with LEGO 42080


  • Brand: LEPIN
  • Name: Forest Harvester
  • No.: 20083
  • Listing Date: 2018
  • Number of parts: 1003
  • Ages: 12+


Hello everyone! Today is the 18-year technology series, forest harvester, this is my first set of pneumatic technology, so the freshness is very strong! What is the performance of this replica? Is it worth it? Start evaluating now~

Box photo

Like other new products this year, it is a two-variable model, but the A mode is more pleasing, so this evaluation is based on this.

The box is bigger than the content…

Instruction manual

I saw a total of 3 steps subcontracting, and only the A mode, if you want to spell the B mode, you have to download the relevant manual from the original official website.


Pattern printing and color are not bad, but unfortunately it is cut and won a B…

Parts package

Musical spelling, I believe everyone is familiar with it, can’t be cooked again?

There are also tires, hoses, motor parts and pneumatic parts.

Assembly process

Because there are more pneumatic parts, there are a lot of structures that can’t be bothered when assembling. (It’s as if you don’t have a pneumatic look.)

The model is basically completed.

Plus the huge “ree harvester” is finished!

Next, of course, the finished product is multi-faceted~


Harvesting claws with huge saw blades.

The parts connected to the pipes were tight and no leaks were found.


Forced ratio

Pneumatic parts that support the huge harvester.

Engine part.

Very convenient to replace the design of the battery.

Power switch section.

At the bottom, there are structures such as suspension and synchronous steering.

Come to a photo like “A lion head”

to sum up

For me who first came into contact with the pneumatic part, this set is undoubtedly a perfect score on freshness. I am also fortunate to have a good performance in the function, so that I can experience this interest at a relatively low price.

A little different from the mechanical drive, the aerodynamic reaction will be slightly slower, and the claws feel less sensitive than the giant arm. (Of course, I don’t rule out that I didn’t fight well)

In terms of parts, it is as good as the other new ones. I have not found any loose or too tight conditions.

The overall performance is excellent, it is recommended to try to experience what aerodynamic structure friends start.

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